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Agenda for The People.

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Top Issues

Term Limits

We must put an end to career politicians. Ones who stay in office too long become corrupt or out of touch with voters.


Corporate interests must be put second to the interest of We, The People.

Congress Stock Market Ban

Government officials have used insider knowledge to make stock market trades to enrich themselves. This should be illegal.

Free Education

Wisdom and knowledge are human rights that give the individual the ability to make the best decision for themselves.

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Free Food

The individual must always have access to clean, chemical-free, nutritious food if they are to make the best choices in life.

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Free Medication

The individual must have access to the medication they need to heal the body in order to live a fruitful life.

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Gold Standard

To feel financially safe and secure, we must know that our currency is stable by bringing an end to inflation.

Protect Innocence

The senseless killing of innocent people and indoctrination of innocent children must come to an end.

End War

The time has come for Earth to move into a new era filled with peace, love, and prosperity for all.

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Reduce Taxes

The individual knows the best way for money to be spent. We must return the power of money to the people.

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Waste, Fraud, & Abuse

The wealth of America will no longer be wasted on things that further divide humanity, while her citizens desire unity.

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Purify Nature

We must encourage indiviudals and corporations to create eco-friendly products and clean Mother Earth’s land, air, and sea.

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Public Spending Ledger

We can hold our government accountable with a public spending ledger which We, The People get to vote on

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Discount Residential Energy

By discounting residential energy, we can put more money into the pockets of our own citizens.

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End Homelessness

American Congress Party is going to end homelessness. Why? Because we’ll stop the government from wasting YOUR money.

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