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Clayton Cuteri

Clayton Cuteri

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Clayton Cuteri

Secretary-General of ACP

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Clayton was always on the move. He played soccer and basketball, but his favorite and best sports were football and baseball. He also could not get enough of the outdoors - whether it was riding his bike in the summer or skiing in the winter. And his childhood wouldn’t have been complete without a small skateboard emo phase.

He never knew exactly what he wanted to do after graduating from Avonworth High School, from dreams of a collegiate athlete to an astronaut - nothing seemed to stick. That all changed when Clayton took his first programming class in his Junior year of high school.

After writing his first line of code, “Hello World!”, Clayton was HOOKED! It was like he saw his path laid out before him. He knew that he was gonna go to college to learn everything he could about computers and how they worked.

2 years later, Clayton was enrolled at the University of Central Florida (CHARGE ON!) as a Computer Engineer. And 5 years after that (I was in no rush), he graduated from UCF with a B.S. in Computer Engineering.

But what next?

After taking a 4-month break to travel America, which included a road trip with his brother from Boulder, CO to Tuscon, AZ, visiting every National Park along the way, Clayton said yes to a Software Engineering job in San Diego, CA.

Clayton spent 4 years in San Diego; a place he refers to as Neverland (if you’ve ever seen Peter Pan) because of how one can lose themselves in the beauty. Clayton lived in Mission Beach, which had 2 beaches within a 30-second walk of his house. He could see both from his balcony.

Society told Clayton that he was living the dream; a software engineer living in paradise.

But Clayton did not feel the same. Something was missing in his life. And as fate would have it, Clayton was about to find out what that thing was.

After a breakup that Clayton could only label as “bizarre”, he started looking for answers. He discovered psilocybin (magic mushroom) therapy and realized that the breakup was a manifestation of being disconnected from his intuition and his emotions.

Flash forward 1.5 years and 2 more therapy sessions later, the Universe/Source/God/Spirit had a message for Clayton, “Do What You Fear Most.”

And for Clayton, that meant several things;

  1. Quit your job without a plan
  2. Travel the world
  3. Start the podcast

Two days later, Clayton put his two weeks in and started to execute this “plan”.

Clayton’s first podcast episode was released on August 21st, 2021. Since then, his podcast, Traveling to Consciousness, has become a top spirituality podcast and is adored by thousands.

You can listen to the podcast HERE!

The podcast also served as an incredible learning tool for Clayton to learn about the realm of the Unknown.

Then another major pivot occurred when he had Brandon Conceicao on his podcast - Odyssey #092. Brandon introduced him to many ideas. One of which is a political party (this political party, American Congress Party, in case you were confused).

After receiving guidance from Clayton’s guru (mentor), he knew that he needed to join Brandon and the American Congress Party to bring peace to Earth.

Clayton is now the acting Secretary-General of the American Congress Party and is running for election in 2024 for the 17th District of PA.

And he knows that this is only the beginning.

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